Exclude Multiple catagory WordPress Post

Do you want to exclude some catagory form your post or page/widget(manual) then flow this steps: first, select catagory id which you want to exclude if you don’t know id of these catagory then find the id using [code language=”php”] By Name: $cat_id = get_cat_ID($cat_name); By slog: $cat1=get_category_by_slug(‘english’); $cat2=get_category_by_slug(‘wordpress’); $cat3= get_category_by_slug(‘news&event’); $catid1= $cat1->term_id; $catid2=$cat2->term_id; Now […]

Customize Django admin page

Django have default admin page template, if you want to edit this template please flow this steps: 1. First find the django path by using python terminal if you open python terminal

2. get result lik

3. You can open the directory of django from this path(/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/django) then then open contrib directory there […]

Exclude Post Catagory

If you want to not display certain post catagory to the page or recent update or recent post you can use this command [code lang=”php”]$recent = new WP_Query( ‘caller_get_posts=1&cat=-14&showposts=10’);[/code] Here: cat=-14: this exclude the post catagory whose id is 14 OR [php firstline=”1″ gutter=”true” highlight=”1-3,6,9″ htmlscript=”false” light=”false” padlinenumbers=”false” smarttabs=”true” tabsize=”4″ toolbar=”true” title=”Get Catagory by slog […]