Django dumpdata and loaddata

dumpdata command It is a django management command, which can be use for database backup(import/export) it can be model instance or all database dumpdata: basic command for backup all database

dumpdata  specific app Following command will dump the content in django admin app intoadmin.json file

dumpdata specific table Following command will dump only […]

WordPress Pagination

WordPress Pagination


PHP & jQuery Add Multiple Field Add and Remove action

Using Javascript and PHP creating repeater field as html form you can use the following example :

Enjoy Your self: Credit : CoderSantosh

jQuery Div content change event Listener

jQuery Div content change event Listener

Enjoy ­čśÇ

Open a new tab in the background tab

  This Function only works on chrome browser if you need on firefox also then , you need to some changes on your firefox browser : In order to force all links that open in a new window to load in a background tab, type

in the URL bar and change

to […]

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