Titanium – Hiding the Action Bar

There are two ways to hide the Action Bar. You can either hide the activity’s Action Bar in your JavaScript code or modify the default theme to hide the Action Bar. In your JavaScript code, get the activity’s action bar instance and call the hide method. This hides the action bar once it appears on […]

Closest Value form array Javascript

Find the near value from array using javascript language, i am using the following :

Enjoy 😀

Open a new tab in the background tab

  This Function only works on chrome browser if you need on firefox also then , you need to some changes on your firefox browser : In order to force all links that open in a new window to load in a background tab, type

in the URL bar and change

to […]

Share facebook, google+ and email with titanium

Titanium Code:

Javascript Email Validation

Javascript Email Validation function

for use