Titanium – Hiding the Action Bar

There are two ways to hide the Action Bar. You can either hide the activity’s Action Bar in your JavaScript code or modify the default theme to hide the Action Bar.

In your JavaScript code, get the activity’s action bar instance and call the hide method. This hides the action bar once it appears on screen.


To automatically hide the action bar when opening a window or tab group, you need to modify the theme to hide the action bar:

1. Add a custom theme file to your project, and set the android:windowActionBar item to false and android:windowNoTitle to true.

2. Modify your tiapp.xml file to use the modified theme. This will globally hide the action bar in all of your activities:

Now Run Application you can’t get title bar/action bar.

You can also change the input cursor style by adding some line of code inside the custom_theme.xml file

Add one xml file called color.xml inside the

Finally custome_theme.xml file



Refrence :!/guide/Android_Action_Bar

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